As the Principal of the Delaware Design-Lab High School you will be expected to lead and inspire others in ways that are critical to creating an innovative school.

  1. 1 Excellence

    Be meticulous in creating a culture that strives for excellence in everything you do. Model a strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement. Be sure that every effort exceeds expectations—make that high standard the new expectation. Be responsive and service-centered in your communications and recognize exceptional performance along the way.

  2. 2 Engagement

    Establish an inclusive, collaborative process and value the opinions of others. Listen to and learn from faculty and staff. Ask questions. Stay engaged in the school, its mission and its people. Communicate accurate and respectful information to all stakeholders. Show that you believe that all students can learn when they are supported and held to high academic standards by providing ample opportunities for faculty, students and their families.

  3. 3 Ethics

    Demonstrate integrity and be reliable and thoughtful in your dealings. Be above reproach, setting the bar high on ethics. Do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons. Make the effort to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Develop a school culture of equity in which differences are celebrated.

  4. 4 Embrace Risk

    Set a standard of taking strategic, smart and data-driven risks. Embrace change and be a change agent. Emphasize and reward imagination and innovation. Value creative problem solving, taking pride in both the process and in what it creates.

  5. 5 Empathy

    Treat others with kindness. Put yourself in their shoes. A level of personal investment helps set the stage for break-through performance. Only ask others to sacrifice if you have demonstrated that you have gone the extra mile. Genuine personal connections take our school experience to a level necessary to produce truly exceptional work..

Ideal Principal Candidate Qualifications

  • Master’s degree required; Doctoral degree preferred
  • Current or pending relevant Delaware certification
  • Additional Special Education certification preferred
  • Experience implementing technology-based programs
  • Successful experience leading urban public school(s)
  • Verifiable track record of success producing measurable gains in student achievement and systemic school improvement
  • Facility with ISSLLC leadership standards, best instructional practices and models, professional development models, and Design-thinking methods
  • Openness to feedback and desire for continuous improvement
  • Portfolio of work & experiences relevant to the position
  • Experience building school budgets and managing resources
  • Demonstrated leadership in professional organization(s) and/or community