Charter School Start-Ups

There are two ways we support new charter schools.

  1. Option 1 We create and launch new K-12 public charter schools that use Design-thinking as the foundation for student learning, for school management, and for building the local economy.
  2. Option 2 If you want to start your own school, we offer our vast expertise to guide the process from writing the initial application to start-up and launch.

Strategic & Technical Assistance

We support school districts and individual schools with all aspects of planning, management and compliance, including long range planning, technical assistance, and educational services and programs. If you’re under pressure to improve underachieving schools we will manage school turnarounds that improve climate and culture, teacher quality, school leadership, and student achievement. If your schools are exemplary, our services will help you take them from good to great. If you need support to manage operations and compliance, we offer hands-on expertise.

Here's a list of the many services we offer. If there is an area with which you need assistance but do not see it listed, contact us to see how we can help.

  • Write curriculum, assessments and educational programs
  • Develop the charter school application
  • Advise groups and institutions that wish to start a charter school
  • Represent the charter application to local and state charter authorizers
  • Present the charter plan to community stakeholders
  • Write grant proposals & manage grant awards
  • Secure facilities that are a fit for your school theme
  • Design school building interiors that support dynamic learning
  • Advise IT infrastructure that supports 21st century teaching & learning
  • Recruit and hire qualified school leadership, faculty and staff
  • Provide on-boarding and leadership coaching for administrators
  • Develop supervision/appraisal systems for leadership, faculty and staff
  • Create Design-thinking curriculum, educational programs, & assessments
  • Deliver project-based and Design-thinking professional development for teachers, administrators, parents and community leaders
  • Support technology implementation with administrators and faculty
  • Improve school management processes
  • Design and manage whole-school turnarounds
  • Ensure compliance with local, state & federal laws for Special Education and English Language Learner programs
  • Complete & present local, state and federal plans and reports
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Analyze school data and develop practical action plans that administrators & faculty can use
  • Coordinate data management services
  • Offer Board of Directors trainings to support ethical, quality governance
  • Develop Board of Directors appraisal systems
  • Market and manage the school and/or district brand
  • Connect schools to community institutions, businesses and resources
  • Present your programs to community stakeholders in English and Spanish
  • Conduct diagnostic assessments & school quality reviews
  • Design & carry out research and evaluation of schools and programs