Our Mission is to: Delight students with education beyond imagination in the most innovative school on the planet.

Delaware Design-Lab High School is a community-based tuition-free public charter high school whose mission is to educate every student, at any level of development, optimizing each one’s opportunity to succeed in post-secondary college and careers.

We design every aspect of the school experience to ensure optimum academic and social growth. A Design-Lab School education features safe, civil school culture; dynamic learning environment; innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, Media and Design (STEMD™) curriculum; and Design Learning practices that encourage communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Delaware Design-Lab High School students learn to be innovators, which builds their creative capital. Our graduates enter into a whole new socio-economic class, referred to as the "creative class", improving the economic trajectory of their lives.

This mission supports our vision to create a more just and inclusive world, a world that works for everyone, by design.