Is Design-Lab High the place for you?

Shared vision. Do you "get it"? Do you believe that all students can learn when they are supported and held to high academic standards? We look for teachers who want to be a part of a unique school’s journey and have a transparent view of Design-Lab High’s amazing mission and goals. We look for people who crave an active role in shaping the school's success.

Meaningful work. Eager to develop your program and use your talents to make a meaningful difference for youth? We believe that static jobs do little to foster engagement and commitment, whereas dynamic roles which allow some level of personal input and flexibility, foster challenge, creativity and innovation.

We use what Larry Page, CEO of Google, and co-founder Sergey Brin, call the 70-20-10 rule. "About 70% of the time we work on the core efforts of the school, about 20% goes to adjacent areas and expansion, and for the remaining 10%, anything goes - let people be really creative and think outside the box". Page and Brin’s advice is "Spare no expense on innovation."

Embracing risk and failure. Ready to take the plunge? Engaging in calculated risk has been traditionally accepted within most organizations, but embracing risk with the notion that failure is acceptable, is a far different story. The process of embracing risk and failure creates the environment for innovators, allowing individuals to feel freer to pursue creative endeavors.

Accountability. Do you have a strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement? Information is power – and there is power in performance feedback. By utilizing data and feedback effectively we aim to greatly enhance the strength of the professional contract among administrators, teachers, students and parents while producing high academic results.

Encouraging a culture of leadership and learning. Do you want to grow professionally? Effective school cultures develop organically from within and emanate from individuals, nurturing success and long-term sustainability. We look for teachers who will play an integral role in shaping a culture of leadership and learning.

Teacher Requirements

Ideal Teacher Candidate Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree preferred
  • Current or pending relevant Delaware certification
  • Additional Special Education certification preferred
  • Demonstrable technology skills
  • Teaching experience in an urban school setting
  • Proven success producing measurable gains in student achievement
  • Ability to adjust instructional strategies in order to reach goals
  • Openness to feedback and desire for continuous improvement
  • Portfolio of work, lesson plans & experiences relevant to the position
  • Demonstrated leadership in school, organization and/or community

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